I'm totally cracking up over the subject matter for today's March May Challenge post.  Favorite food?  Seriously?  My favorite food has been changing second by second during the last nine months, and sometimes my favorite food is non-existent.  Food?  Nasty stuff!

In the past, tacos have been my favorite, but they have to be homemade tacos.  I'm picky.  Any traditional breakfast food has always been a safe bet as well.  Eggs, bacon, biscuits, hashbrowns...yum! 

In fact, is it lunchtime yet?  Cause I just made myself hungry.

Hmm, upon further analysis, never mind.  I am NOT hungry.  Blech.

I've been thinking about my pregnancies, and how different they all were in food cravings.  With Liberty, I craved only raw fruits and vegetables, and the thought of meat made my stomach turn.  I never could fit an entire meal into my tummy while she was in there, so I ended up snacking every couple hours.  I lost close to fifty pounds while I was pregnant with Liberty, and I felt so energetic and full of vitality. 

With Mercy, I craved meat and potatoes and all manner of desserts, mostly chocolate (which was highly unusual because prior to Mercy's gestation I hated chocolate of all sorts).  The smell of salad or any type of vegetation sent me running for the nearest receptacle.  I paid the price for my eating habits, too.  I ended up with gestational diabetes with Mercy Jane, and I gained thirty pounds.

This little girl, on the other hand...well, I've been all over the board with her.  Most of the time, I don't want to eat ANYTHING.  And when I do, it just comes back up again anyway.  Then there are times when all I want is a plate full of deep green crunchy vegetables full of refreshing, watery goodness.  Some days I cannot get enough sugar, and I've lived on drive-thru milkshakes for every meal of the day.  Other days, potatoes in any form take control of my brain.  But I'd have to say chips and queso have been my number one craving throughout this entire pregnancy.  Chips and queso and fast food breakfast sandwiches.  Don't judge!

And I've only gained six pounds so far.

Now, why can't that happen when I'm not pregnant?

"What is queso?" you ask before thinking yourself bilingual, "Oh you mean cheese."
"NO!" I shout with bitter indignation, "Queso is the golden currency of heaven above,

flown down to us by nude cherubs so that we might find a small plot of happiness in our lifetime."
This photo and quote are both from www.dishola.com created by Dano
who is dedicated to finding the best and most wonderful queso alive in Austin, TX.
He is clearly a man after my own heart.
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  1. Lissa2019 Says:

    Its crazy how different we eat while pregnant. When I was pregnant with Levi all i wanted was meat. Hated sugar and carbs (not like me!!!) I ate healthy. With Eve all I wanted was sugar. I had snacks everywhere. The only similarity was that I couldn't cook food. I hated looking at raw meat. It was a lot of take out and Josh cooking. And me never knowing what I wanted. I love queso... I have this great recipe on Pinterest. I want some now. Miss you guys!

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