Day six of the March challenge asks me to describe my last random act of kindness.  Since my last random act of kindness involved dragging my exhausted, baby-swollen body out of bed this morning and cheerfully feeding my children their breakfast when I really felt like pulling the covers over my head and snoring louder, I figured I would tell you about the last few random acts of kindness that have been given to me instead.  They're a lot more fun to talk about. 

I am currently six and a half months pregnant -- only 91 days to go until our baby girl is born!  Is that count down clock on the right side of my blog still keeping accurate time?  And if you've been reading my blog for any short length of time, you will know that this pregnancy has been absolutely physically horrible on me.  People keep telling me the third baby is the hardest, and I believe them!  Since I've been struggling so much to stand upright and remain that way throughout the day, friends from my church have been going waaaay out of their way to help me out.

My Sunday School class has been bringing us hot meals so that Jeremy and I won't have to cook every day of the week.  Jeremy's been doing all of the meal prep around here (besides breakfast since he's already at work by the time we're ready to start eating) for the past six months, but he also travels for work.  He's usually gone one or two weeks out of every month.  During those weeks, our Sunday School class has brought the girls and me a meal every night.  Talk about kindness!

On top of that, two of my friends, Shalona and Sarah, came over to my house last week while Jeremy was traveling and I was away at work, and they cleaned my entire house from top to bottom -- including my kitchen counters full of dirty dishes.  Then, with my permission, they picked up my children from school so that I could enjoy an afternoon nap when I got home from work, AND Sarah made some incredible enchiladas for supper that night. 

Those enchiladas were not quite as good when they came back up later in the evening, but I'm still very grateful.  I'm sorry, was that TMI?

Can you imagine how wonderful it felt to walk into my beautifully clean house after work that day and not be faced with three million things that needed to be done but that I didn't have the energy or the ability to accomplish?  It felt amazing!  And then to get a nap on top of that?


But my friends and Sunday School class aren't the only ones going above and beyond.  Jeremy and our two girls have picked up the slack wherever I've been dropping it.  Liberty, my six-year-old, has been cheerfully stepping in to help with sandwich making and lunch preparations.  Mercy, my four-year-old, loves to bring me cups full of water and barf buckets whenever she senses a funny look on my face.  Sometimes barf buckets get shoved under my face if she thinks I've had my head bent down too long!  And Jeremy.  Oh, Jeremy.  He has taken over every duty that I used to claim as mine.  We've always shared housework pretty equally and always done each other's jobs when necessary, but now, he does it all while encouraging me to take a nap or sit down.  He reminds the girls that mommy needs more help, and how important it is for them to look for ways to help out around the house.  I really can't say enough about how wonderful these three people are being to me every day.

So, that's my random acts of kindness story.  Please heap tons of praise on my friends and family if you ever see them in real life because I will never ever be able to thank them enough for what they are doing!
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  1. The family Z Says:

    I agree that talking about other's kindness is much more fun that discussing our own. I plan on doing the same thing!

    But I am glad you drag yourself out of bed to serve your family - sometimes that is the kindest thing we can do!

  2. Laura Says:

    You poor dear! I can't imagine how you feel! Thank goodness for helpful friends and family!

  3. Suanna Says:

    Go Jeremy! You are a wonderful husband. Thanks for taking such good care of Missy. Missy, one day soon you'll be back to "normal" and returning these acts of kindness.

  4. Cristy S Says:

    What a wonderful family and friends. It's little things that have a big impact.

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