Huh.  Pet peeves: something inconsequential that someone else does that annoys me like crazy.  I've put off writing this day 8 post for the March challenge because the subject matter does not appeal to me.  I feel like if I solidify my annoyances into writing, it will magnify future occurrences in my mind to the point where I will no longer be able to tolerate them.

But, here goes.

Hearing poor grammar spoken bothers me.  Not all of it bothers me; only some of it does, like using the wrong verb conjugation.  For example:  "I seen this already," instead of "I saw this already."  That bugs me.

Fakeness bothers me.  I like to surround myself with people who I can count on to speak the truth even if it is unpleasant, rather than people who will say whatever will make me and/or them feel good in a given situation regardless of if it is truthful or not.  There is a difference between politeness (choosing to get along with someone you dislike or disagree with) and fakeness (which usually becomes out-right lying), but that difference doesn't seem to be well-defined to society in general anymore.

Profanity laced into daily conversation bothers me.  This somewhat goes along with the poor grammar trouble from earlier.  I enjoy words and their meanings very much, and as a result, I construct my sentences very carefully (well, most of the time, anyway).  It annoys me when someone is attempting to hold a conversation and almost every other word is unnecessary or out of context.  Someone once told me while attempting to compliment the lunch I had brought to work, "Your lunch looks so great.  My lunch is shit."  I broke out laughing at him because I could just picture the distasteful look on his face when he opened his lunch box to find a nice, brown, steaming pile of poo on a plate.  Yes, I exaggerate for affect, too, and frequently use slang or colloquialisms in communication, but seriously, when you're cursing, think about the true meaning of whatever word you happen to be using, and I dare you not to laugh at yourself!

I guess, the key word in my made up definition of "pet peeves" is inconsequential, and that's why I'm not so fond of today's blogging prompt.  Sure these are things that bug me, but they are not really a big deal.  If someone says "I seen that movie yesterday," I might cringe inside, but it won't set my teeth on edge.  If someone is fake with me on a consistent basis, I'll probably avoid spending a lot of time with them, but it won't rock my world.  If someone regularly inserts profanity into their stories, I'll spend most of my time trying to hold back the smile caused by the literal language part of my brain (or erasing the nasty picture created), but it won't push me over the deep end.  My life's happy default setting is "Cockeyed Optimist," and focusing on pet peeves moves me out of that setting.  There are plenty of consequential things in life that I legitimately need to be upset about and doing something about, and there are plenty of consequential things in life that I cannot do anything about but still should be outraged over.  I don't want to spend my time worried about all the little things others do that bother me.

So, hakuna matata, everybody!  :-)
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