For the 11th day of the March challenge, Tiffany wants to know all about the last book I read.  Before I tell you about it, you need to know that I adore reading books.  Getting lost in another world full of new friends is the very best feeling ever, and I do it frequently. 
That reminds me, I have 17 overdue library books sitting in the other room.  *sigh*  My wallet is going to feel this one.
Anyway, with my extreme pregnancy-related exhaustion, I haven't been able to read as much.  My brain won't focus, and my eyes won't stay open.  So, when I read the blogging prompt for today, I had to stop and think.  What was the last book I read?  Was it a library book?  Or an old favorite from my bookshelves downstairs?  Maybe it was a Kindle book?  I flipped through my Kindle library to see if any of the titles jogged my memory.
Side note:  I highly recommend a website called BookBub.  You plug in your email address and your genre preferences, and they email you a list of Kindle books every few days that are either free for a short time or drastically cheap.  I don't remember ever seeing one in my inbox priced over $3.00.  I signed up to receive the following genres:  mysteries, religious and inspirational, literary fiction, historical fiction, biographies and memoirs, and bestsellers.  I've only chosen to download ones that are free, and this subscription has brought lots of books to my attention that I ordinarily wouldn't have known about.  Just thought you'd like to know!
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So, I flipped through my Kindle and suddenly remembered the last book I read was Letters From A Skeptic (brought to my attention by BookBub).  While I thought about what I wanted to tell you about this book (which I loved), I realized that I had already blogged about it in February.  So, since there's no sense in re-blogging it, I will simply link you to my previous post.
However, the post about the book is a post in the middle of a series that I wrote, so it won't make sense for you to begin reading in the middle of the series; you will be hopelessly lost.  So instead, I will link you to the first post in the series, and you can use the "To Be Continued" links at the bottoms of each post to get to the next one in the series until you come to the one that talks about LFAS.  (Did you like how I made up my own acronym for the book title there?)
Here is the first post of the series.
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