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Harrison Fisher
Day 20 of the March Challenge (I'm speeding right through these, now, huh?) asks me if I collect anything.  Well, the short answer is yes, I collect old books.  I have specific criteria, but it's too random and "you have to be here" for me to describe to you.

The more entertaining answer is this post from January 2007.
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  1. Angie Hales Says:

    This is great; I've been wanting to get a book to read so I downloaded McCutcheon's "The Story of a Love Behind a Throne" because of the title. Hope it's good and I don't go blind reading it on my phone.

  2. Missy Says:

    Oh, Angie! You will not regret it! And, you picked the first book in a series about Graustark, so you'll have to download the rest of them in order after this. You know, it's been years since I read that one. I'm going to have to pull it off my bookshelf tomorrow.

  3. Angie Hales Says:


    I'm hooked!!! :)
    I just discovered this morning that it was the first of a series; you can imagine how excited and grateful I was. I'm already halfway thru and the others are in queue. So glad you shared this!!!


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