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This morning when I checked my email prior to writing part five of this on-going series, I found a comment from a reader that so completely described my anguished feelings over the past few years that I asked her permission to share her note with you all.  Although, she and I have differing life circumstances, the question she presents is the same one I wrestled with over and over and over.

Here is what she wrote:

I just finished reading yesterday's post.  I wish I could believe that God only gives good gifts, but I just don't.

We weren't trying when I had the second miscarriage.  It was not quite an accident, but more of a whim.  But I was happy.  And then I was sad.  The loss devastated my relationship with my husband and our relationship with our church.  It made me discontent with my job, which I gave up, hoping that working from home would help with a future pregnancy.  That hasn't worked either.

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Now we have no money and no future.

Where is the good gift?

By most medical standards, I'm getting too old for this.  Maybe I should just accept that we don't need kids.  We don't need a legacy.  I'm not fit to be a mother anyway.  I can finally give up the dream and get a full-time job and enjoy life with enough money to pay the bills like we used to have.  And once I don't care about the kids in the nursery, we can join a church.

Maybe I just need to be content and learn to tell people that I really don't need kids to be happy.  It's not a gift I'm going to get.  I'm going to get years of companionship with my husband, a full night of sleep whenever I want, the ability to take long road-trips at a moment's notice.

Maybe without the pressure, I'll get my marriage back.

Her comment took me straight back to that place of disappointed hurt and puzzlement when I was trying to comprehend how a "good" God could allow so much pain to someone He supposedly loved enough to die for.  This reader and I were able to talk via Skype earlier this afternoon, and she had a lot more to say.  So much, that I wondered if she might be willing to write a guest blog post here.

She is considering it, so stay tuned...
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