Yesterday after school I took the girls to Jeremiah's to get their faces painted for Halloween.

Janet did a wonderful job on my two little kittens and my brown and white fox, 
and she and Mercy really bonded during Mercy's face-painting session.

Later, Little T's big brother, C, joined us at home and the four of them were very eager to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters who came by.  They organized themselves in advance with each one having a job to do.  One was a door opener, one was a candy basket holder, and the other two were candy passer-outers.  They took this division of labor about as seriously as union workers do, and when the doorbell finally started ringing, no one except the door opener could open the door.  Frequently, the door opener was busy doing other things when the doorbell rang, and so the trick-or-treaters had to stand out in the cold and the rain and wait for the door opener to arrive at his post while the other three children danced around the inside of the closed front door shouting, "Open the door!  Open the door!  Someone's here!  Hurry!  Someone's here!"

About halfway through the evening, the kids noticed that I had not worn anything outrageous this year, and they asked me, "Where's your costume?  What are you going to be?"  I had been planning all along to dash to my closet full of costumes and wigs and surprise them with something fun, but I had run out of time before the trick-or-treaters started arriving, and I didn't want to leave them even for a few minutes to answer the door without me in the room.  So I hadn't worn anything. (Anything costumey that is.  I was wearing clothing.)

Well, the kids decided this would never do.  "You can be a superhero!" Big C decided.  "Yes!" Mercy shouted, and she ran and got her special blue blanket that she sleeps with most nights.  "Here.  This can be your cape, Mommy!" she announced.  I tied it around my neck and posed for the camera.

Then I asked, "What kind of superhero am I?" 

"You can be The Bedtime Superhero, Mommy!" Mercy shouted, "Because you are the best at tucking people in at night!"

My hormonal heart melted, and I bent to give her a quick hug.

"Yes," Big C announced, "and here is your wooden spoon to spank people who get out of bed!"  He dug around in my utensil jar and brought me a wooden spoon.

I had to laugh.  "Uh, thanks, Bud.  Way to ruin the mood."  I grinned at him.  "Can't I have some other superhero thing to use, instead?"

"Here!"  Liberty came running with a green plastic cup.  "You can carry the night-night drinks to thirsty children!"

That is how my Halloween costume morphed into my every night costume, and I gained a new title: The Bedtime Superhero! 
Hey, somebody's got to do it, and I'm glad it gets to be me!
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  2. Suanna Says:

    Love, it. The kids ask me what I am going to dress up like and I always tell them I am going to dress up like a mommy.

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