He used a ray gun to control the weather, but I can do it by following these simple steps.


1. Check the forecast online and find out that it is not predicted to rain until late in the evening.

2. Turn on the sprinklers in the front and back yards of your home.

3. Go for a walk with your four year old and two year old daughters around the mile long nature trail behind your house, walking quickly in order to return in time to move the sprinklers to another location without flooding the yard.

4. Get halfway around the pond at the farthest point from your home.

Voila! Instant downpour!


1. Be sure that your four year old stops as often as possible in the rain to pick grass by the side of the trail. (This is the most important step if you want to ensure a really good steady rain-shower.)

2. Whenever possible, try to get your two year old to beg to be carried and then demand to be allowed to walk and then beg to be carried all while refusing to ride in the stroller that you brought along in anticipation of this situation. She is NOT a baby! This is also very helpful to make sure that the rain does not let up.

See? Only two easy steps!


1. Arrive home.

This is the easiest of all. The second you step foot back on your own property, the sun will come out and the clouds will disappear. It really is quite amazing.
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  1. Suanna Says:

    I completely agree.

  2. Recursively Says:

    Ah, but you are from IN, and I LOVE Indiana! And you have quite the little delicious ones yourself! :)Congratulations on your spunky littles!

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