Now where was I? Oh yes, the white paint was drying, and I was returning the green paint for red or black paint.

I returned the green and bought black, and when we got back from Walmart, we all changed into painting clothes.

The girls removed the price stickers per PJ's instructions.

Then Liberty wiped down the pots...

...and Mercy shook the can of spray paint.

Finally, it was painting time!

Oops, no one told me I should wear gloves or my fingers would be painted black.

Oh, well. While I waited for the pots to dry, I attacked the iron thingy with
Jeremy's power sander! Fun!
(If I look a bit confuzzled, it's because I was. I couldn't figure out how to hold the sander in one hand and the camera in the other. You should have seen how many shots I got of the house, the top of my head, the edge of the sander, etc. My finger slipped on the button with this one and accidentally took the picture. When I realized that it had actually captured me and the sander together, I decided to stop the ship-wreck that was a self-portrait, and move on with my life. Besides, I was so excited to use the sander, that I didn't want to waste any more time on photos.)

And here is what I did with that sander.

When the pots finally dried, I put them in their rightful places.

I love the way the terra cotta orange peeks through the black. At first, I planned to spray the black on over and over until all was covered, but after the first two coats, the patina was gorgeous with the orange showing, so I left it.

Now, all I need are plants to fill my pots.

And speaking of plants, you are not going to believe this, but I have revived my front porch flower! You know, the one that I was given in mid-April? I dead-headed it! I transplanted it! And it looks absolutely stunning! Hooray!
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  1. Suanna Says:

    The planter looks great!! I can't wait to see what you plant in it.

  2. Me too! I'd like to fill them with a combination of lobster pink petunias and scarlet star somethings. (I can't remember the name.)

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