The gray winter months trouble me. I find myself wishing for life change, longing for weather change, and if I'm not careful, I can easily get discontent, grouchy, discouraged. It has happened often enough that I've recognized the winter-time pattern, and I know I have to sternly tell myself, "Missy, that's enough of that. Sure, it's wise to take introspective inventory to see if your heart is lining up with God's heart, but don't get sucked into your own emotions. Don't buy into the idea that what you feel is reality." So here I am again, preaching to myself.

Don't get me wrong: I love snow. I love the change in seasons. I'm just of the opinion that it should snow on Thanksgiving Day and melt on January 2nd. Nice, easy, simple, organized. Ta-da! And now on to Summer!

Last night, I was discussing all this with God (because if He didn't have me to keep Him updated on the weather patterns, I don't know what He'd do. He needs me, I tell ya!) Anyway, I was telling God how insignificant I feel right now. I know my children need me. I know my husband needs me. I know the meals I cook keep them from starvation (See? I'm making a BIG difference!), but when I spend ten minutes cleaning the living room, and I get to the far side and turn around and see twelve toys lying there where I just cleaned, I don't feel that I'm accomplishing much, you know? Where's the purpose?! I didn't plan to waste my life on things like cleaning the living room. I had goals, dreams, aspirations. I was going to make a difference in people's lives, and I don't mean by keeping their diapers clean.

(Ironically, if I worked in a nursing home or a hospital, and my duty was to feed and clean people, I think I would feel more significant. What's up with that?)

(Now, do you see why my emotions do not equal reality?)

Anyway, while God and I were talking, He reminded me of a sermon my college pastor preached, called "Brush Your Teeth." I won't go into details, but the illustration was about his son who did not like to brush his teeth (hence the sermon title). Pastor Schettler pointed out that if we are not doing the little daily things that we know we should do, then God is not going to give us anything bigger to do. God also reminded me of Philip in Acts 8:26-31 who while doing the little things God gave him, "stumbled onto" the big thing God had in store.

So I woke this morning with PURPOSE -- I was going to Brush My Teeth! I chose to pick up those extra twelve things with a GOOD ATTITUDE. (Can you imagine?) I chose to focus on things that will last, like sitting at the dining room table gluing random objects onto construction papers WITH my children. I choose to get off this computer and make meatballs and rice for supper tonight with delight, knowing that I am carrying out God's perfect will for my life at this exact moment.

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  1. Andi Norden Says:

    Ah, I remember that sermon well! I have referred to it often over the years. God's will does not need to be complicated. Obey one step at a time. Thanks for bringing back a wonderful college memory and an important spiritual truth!

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