I normally wait to blog until the children are a'bed, but this is just too good to wait. My two year old and four year old daughters are performing for their own enjoyment, a dramatic opera right this second. It's been going on for at least fifteen minutes, now.

For real.

With a plot and everything.

The storyline centers around a missing shoe. Apparently, there is a circus coming to town, and my daughters are supposed to dance in it, but they can't unless they find their missing shoe. Time is running out.

It's very dramatic with lots of sweeping arm movements and raw emotion.

So far, my favorite line has been the one where Liberty sings, "Ooooohhhhh, won't anyone help me find my missing shooooooooeeeee?"

And Mercy replies, "Yes! I will find your shoooooeeeeee!"

"Maybe it's in the forest," Liberty sings, and Mercy runs to the kitchen, stops short in confusion and then warbles out, "But where is the forest?"

I spewed my burst of laughter and had to wipe my mouth.

Huh, they must have decided that shoe was too hard to find, because now they are singing about BUYING a shoe.
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  1. Suanna Says:

    That's just funny. It's great when they can play together and have so much fun.

  2. A musical about shoes...it doesn't get much better than that!!! I always think about (and sometimes even sing about) buying shoes. I should probably come over and join in the musical!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    So cute! Let us know if they ever get that shoe :)

  4. Que Says:

    That is funny! My 2YO and 4YO girls don't work nearly as good together.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I love these stories. Your girls are so creative and emotive. Ummmm, like mommy?
    Cheryl Frueh

  6. Anonymous Says:

    haha that is funny! lol

  7. Spencer Park Says:

    When is the show going on tour? It sounds like great fun.

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