We have had a busy two weeks full of celebrations!

Jeremy's birthday and Father's Day landed at the same time. I succeeded in keeping a few presents secret, only because I sneaked them in while Jeremy's little scouts weren't watching. The helium balloons proclaiming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and "WORLD'S GREATEST DAD!" were the highlight of our present-shopping as you can imagine, and I only pried the balloon strings from the spies' hands after they fell asleep at naptime. I hid the balloons in the bathroom closet, hoping my little moles would forget about them in their sleep.

To my surprise and excitement, they did! Until Daddy came home from work. Then they shouted, "Daddy! We have balloons for you! We have balloons for you!" I compromised and brought out the birthday balloon from it's hiding place, but the espionage agents would have none of it. "Daddy, we have TWO balloons! TWO balloons, Daddy!" "And ICE CREAM CAKE!" Daddy encouraged their loose tongues every step of the way.

And the celebrations began.

Later that week, our friend Cheryl got married, and we attended the wedding held at her home. Gary and Cheryl were married by the pond, and the reception was held in the yard. They had rented a bouncy house complete with water-slide for their younger guests, but the sandy beach at the pond was the biggest hit for the kids. At one point, Liberty sailed too far on her float towards the middle of the pond, and Daddy had to dive in a rescue her. Later, Cheryl sidled up to me, eyeing Jeremy's wet wedding clothes and said that her nephew had come running to her shouting that a man had fallen in the pond! She told me, "I knew immediately that it was Jeremy. Am I right?" I laughed quite a bit over that one before I shared with her how heroic my husband was. :-)

Gary and Cheryl used fish in tiny fishbowls as the centerpiece for each table, and when we said our goodbyes, they insisted on giving us a fish and a balloon for each girl. We ended up with a black and blue boy and a white and pale-orange girl. Back at home, we puzzled over what to name them. "Gary" and "Cheryl" were obvious choices, but we kept thinking. Finally, in honor of love and weddings and such, we named the boy "Hugs" and the girl "Kisses." I bought goldfish flakes at the store and attempted to feed them, but both of them refused the delicacies. After several days of starvation, the fish still swam happily around their individual bowls, but I began to worry.

That's when the next celebration occurred. Alicia, my roommate from college, and her husband Rodney, another close friend in college, stopped by for a visit! Bringing with them...you guessed it! GAMES!!! They were on their way home from a gaming convention, so they were laden down with a multitude of new games to play. So little time...

They suggested that Hugs and Kisses might be beta fish instead of gold fish, so we offed ourselves to Wally World (notice I reverted to college-speak) for some beta pellet food and a bigger fishbowl and a plant, because I had googled "beta fish" before we left. We also picnicked at a park and introduced Rodney to Lady Jane who cuts Jeremy's hair. Rodney pronounced it his best haircut ever, and he promises to come visit every few months or so to get his hair cut again. We're holding him to that promise.

Our fishy friends are still refusing to eat, and my next option is bloodworms. I hope they're not as graphic as they sound.
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  1. Que Says:

    Tell Jeremy, "Happy Birthday" from his brother from another mother. I hope he decided to get Starcraft 2 for his birthday. That was my birthday present even thought it doesn't come out for 24 more days.

    I think the bloodworms are as graphic as they sound. Let me know about that one.

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