We spent today at Calle's house where our girls all played together and had great fun. The seven of us went on a walk to the nearby lake, navigated ourselves and our strollers through a giant puddle in the walk way and stopped on a small wooden-slatted bridge to watch the water whoosh its way along. We talked and laughed and our three-year-olds told "funny jokes" to each other that only the two of them understood. Calle and I grinned together, loving the fact that those two "get" each other's very unique sense of humor.

Calle offered to be my nutritionist and dietitian (is that the same thing?), so I'm going to be accountable to her for the food I eat and the exercise I do or don't get each day. I'm very thankful for that! Did I tell you that I've filled our refrigerator with only fresh, unprocessed fruits and veggies? (except for the carrots -- they've been peeled and chopped for me, otherwise I'd never take the time to eat them.)

My accountability call to Calle tomorrow is the only thing stopping me from having a plate of Cool Ranch Doritos right now, so apparently, it's working.
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  1. Beth Says:

    Hehe...good for you! If I made a pact like that with a friend of mine, I would either have to never answer my phone...or get caller ID OR just change my phone number. I am sure that the Hostess Cupcakes waiting for me in my car for my weekend at work would NEVER pass her judgement!
    Good luck!

  2. Suanna Says:

    Go Missy! You can do it.

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