You've noticed the new blog look, but have you noticed the progress I am slowly making in tweaking everything, thanks to my awesome friend Debbie? She's helped me with tons of details, and she's in the process of fixing my greeting face so it's not slipping into the archives. She also figured out how to link the descriptive list next to the Welcome blurb to various corresponding blog posts, but we have one problem.

We can't figure out which post would match up with the word "Out-Going." What do you think? Do you remember a post that would match that, or would you like to suggest another descriptive word and a post to match?

It would help me sleep at night. Or at least it would help me not stay up so late working on this rearranging of the blog.
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  1. Suanna Says:

    Couldn't think of anything for you, but the title of this note made me remember Sewing Class. Seam Ripper, Seam Ripper, You are my friend.

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