Okay, I think I've gotten everything except the fake picture taken care of. Hooray for me!!!

Tiffany and Debbie, you offered, so here's my plea (and your chance at being a heroine!!!) (I feel like that word should be spelled differently, although, if you fix my photo problem, I will love you as though I were addicted to you.)

The instructions tell me that I need to change the image url "http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_k_DnmK4oz2Q/S2vuttj_NuI/AAAAAAAAAsg/zDDFRHfsqPA/s1600/main-img.jpg" with the Image URL I want to have.

Here is the image I want to have:

OH MY GOODNESS! I think I may have just stumbled upon the solution to my migraine! Let me publish this post, and then see if I have figured it out. If you do NOT see a change to that blonde girl, you will know that instead of stumbling on the solution, I really just stumbled, and you will need to send bandaids.
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