I will apologize immediately for keeping you waiting on the rest of the story. The cliff-hanger was caused by two main reasons. Well, one main reason and one secondary reason. First, I waited on our realtor for some more information before blogging. (Although I listed it first, that was actually the secondary reason.) The main reason is Jeremy and I have stayed up until around two am most mornings, watching the first and second seasons of The Mole. This activity drained my brain of any creative writing skills it may contain, and any spare brain cells unoccupied by day-to-day living spent their time pondering the question, WHO IS THE MOLE?

And now I must follow a tangent in my brain in order to tell you...well, I cannot tell you what I intended to, because I typed it all out and realized that if anyone wanted to watch season one on Hulu, I would be ruining the ending for you by telling you what I wanted to say.

Now the second season is a different story. I can say what I want without ruining anything, and I HAVE to say this because I have to get my brag on. I totally called that one! From the very second episode, I called it! Go me! And I did it without any of the producers so-called clues. Clues? Yeah, right. Those were not clues. Jeremy and I were so frustrated during the show because we couldn't pick up on any of the clues, but when they revealed the clues at the end of the season, we did not feel badly at all. Those were not clues!

And now back to our regularly scheduled post.

Monday came and went with no further knowledge about where to send our offer. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came, and my phone rang. Our realtor's name showed on the screen, and I picked it up, "Hi!"

"You guys have been praying hard, haven't you?" she answered with an odd sound in her voice.

I smiled then joked back, "I like the sound of that opening line; tell me more!"

"You're not going to believe this," I could hear the reciprocating smile in her voice, "or maybe you will! I just got an email from the foreclosure office about that house. It goes like this:

You have been selected as the Agent for the Short Sale property at [the yellow house]. Please check your Workflow for any tasks assigned to you for this property. Thank you.

I hesitated, wanting to share in her joy, but not knowing exactly what that message meant.

Our realtor explained with excitement, "This email came to our office out of the blue, and I was copied on it because of my position within our agency. The foreclosure office had no idea that we were searching for that house. They had no idea that we had an offer on that house. In fact, after I did a little digging, I found out that if standard procedures had been followed explicitly, our office would not have been given this listing." When my "wow" sounded weak to her, she further explained. "This means that we know where to send the offer. It means that we have direct contact with the decision makers, and that we can dialogue freely with them."

"YES!!!" This time my answer came strongly!

"But Missy, you still don't understand," she continued earnestly, "In all the time I've been working here, I have never seen this happen, and in fact, if everything had gone the way it was planned to by the company, it would not have happened. This is definitely something that God did!"

We continued talking, marveling at the odd twists this house had gone through to get to where it was right now, and finally I asked a favor, "Would you mind sending me that email? If God does give us this house, I want to be sure that we remember what He did."

She sent the email with this note attached:

Please find attached the message I rec'd from [the bank]. This is the first time in my 5 years in real estate that we have rec'd a message like this! We've gone months with no communication from the bank and this just came in out of the blue. They were not even listed as the #1 bank in line for this mortgage. Pretty much unheard of......please keep praying!!!

I'll be praying as well!

Jeremy and I have submitted our offer, and now we wait for all of the lien holders and mortgage holders (there are several) to decide whether they will accept their losses and not ask for any money from the sale of this home or if they will reject the offer as too low because they will not be regaining any of the money that is due them.

Don't hold your breaths, everybody. This could take a long time...

But you can pray!

Also, I want to say, just because God has done this miraculous thing, it does not automatically mean that He plans to give us this house. I do not pretend to know what His plans are, but I do know one thing for sure: whatever they are, they are the best, and we will praise.
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  1. lissa2019 Says:

    this is awesome.. while we were looking house. It took me three realtors before I was satisfied. At the time I thought they were horrible but apparently it was me being pregnant. Well, at least that is what Josh says. I have such high expectations and do not give people chances. but this was a huge step and big decision. If i did't feel comfortable i refused to go through with it. Josh, will never get that..ever

  2. Debbie F. Says:

    You forgot the third reason you didn't post sooner: because you're evil and like to torture me.

    That aside, I'LL BE PRAYING! I know it's hard not to get your hopes up and jump to conclusions based on what you think the Lord is doing. If it was me, I'd be going BONKERS. I love you, my Missy, and will be praying that the Lord's Will will be done. If it's not the house He wants for you, you'll be miserable if you move there. But if it IS the house, He'll continue to pave a smooth way.


  3. Beth Says:

    Awww...you are sooo sweet! I hope and pray that you will get the house! It sounds lovely.
    We are still considering the small acreage that we have our eye on. We still haven't heard the exact measurements but if we buy it, we will have to put a house that is small across the front and deeper in the back.
    We will pray for you and for us!

  4. Que Says:

    Congratulations! Even though the outcome is uncertain that is still awesome!

  5. Andi Says:

    That is WONDERFUL! I know how special it was for us to find OUR HOUSE. We began looking around the end of January and closed on April 1st. It was a foreclosure, and we got an amazing deal on it. Some cleaning, and a little paint later and it was HOME. We love it. Whatever the outcome, God is leading you through this every step of the way. I pray this is just the first miraculous step for you guys!

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