I just finished typing up the 2009 recap of our lives that I planned to mail out in December as a Christmas letter. Go me. Now if I ever actually mail it, that will be an accomplishment.

I'm doped up on Thera Flu right now, and my neck muscles are giving up on me. Poor Liberty is fighting a fever as we speak and coughing a sad, pathetic-sounding cough of misery. Of course this malady did not stop her from pouring water all over my living room floor today, although it is currently preventing her from sleeping.

Thera Flu is my friend.

I probably should refrain from typing after medicating, but there's something in me that gains comfort from blogging. But not as much comfort as my pillow would give me. Good night!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you'll gain a little comfort from comments too! Hope you feel better soon, Missy. :)

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