I find my mind wandering many times during the days and nights to what I've optimistically been calling "our house." I pick out and discard paint colors and furniture. I plan parties right down to the tiniest details. I see the girls RUNNING FULL SPEED through the rooms and hear them giggling together. Then I have to remember, all of this might not happen. Just wait.

Wait? Are you kidding me? I can wait -- because I'm forced to -- and I can choose to have a good attitude about it, but what in the world does patient waiting look like?

I've got no clue.

I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but a tiny bit of dreaming is fun, you know? So dream a little dream with me.
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  1. Beth Says:

    Oh wow do I understand THIS post!!!! I dreamed this morning...because I was still warm in bed while Roger was using the shower or whatever...that the phone rang and it was a friend from church. She had info on our land. It wasn't good news and I called in to Roger and we decided to offer OVER the asking price! First of all, she doesn't even work in real estate and secondly, Roger would NEVER think of offering over the asking price!!! I wasn't really sure if it WAS a dream or not and I laid there for a little while wondering WHY someone would call us at 6 a.m. or so! THEN I realized that the phone in our bedroom didn't work so I knew it had to be a dream!!! Good Grief!!! I hope we EACH hear good news!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Gah. I'm the worst with patient waiting! I pray that God will give you lots of patience...except, maybe this is his way of strengthing you in that area. Happy dreaming, too, though! Dreaming is fun :)

  3. Que Says:

    We spend some of our time trying to get our kids to understand the value of patience and we spend the rest of the time try to convince ourselves the same thing! It will happen. Even if if doesn't happen now.

  4. some day! le sigh. Someday Mr. T will be out of the Navy so we'll stop moving every few years and then our dream of homeownership can finally come true.... dear future homes walls... I'm gonna paint you, a lot!

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