Jeremy and I have decided to change our lifestyle. We joined a gym (I finished my second workout tonight), and we are working on reinventing what we eat. We started by counting calories - Jeremy has a LoseIt! app on his phone, and I have been using to help me track my eating and exercising habits.

Interestingly enough, several incidents in our lives over the past few months have pointed us in the direction of whole foods, and while we are not all the way on board with that idea yet, we want to be. We're still in the information gathering stage (about whole food eating) at this point, and in the meantime, we will continue counting calories.

I started counting calories yesterday, and over shot my goal by about 150. Not bad, I congratulated myself, until the nighttime snackies attacked me. I valiantly fought a mental battle of will-power, giving myself pep talks that the Superbowl coaches would have paid money to hear. I went to bed having WON THE VICTORY, and I dreamed about food most of the night.

Today, I beat my goal by about 700, and in an effort to avoid the nighttime snackies, I went to the gym. Go me! Now, it is almost 10 pm, and I'm not hungry. Yet. I'd better get to bed before the snackies find me, though.

Good night, all!
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  1. Rachel Says:

    Good luck with this!

  2. Joseph Says:

    I so understand what you're going through. Last week I decided to take care of my body as well, and it was a huge transition for me liquid consumption-wise, having to drink from one cup of tea/day (my entire liquid intake for the day), to almost half a gallon of water. But it's working, my body is getting used to eat, now I'm learning to eat at regular hours, but before bedtime I get hungry sometimes. It's a tough road but with determination and with each others help you'll make it. Keep it up! I have faith in you both! :)

  3. Beth Says:

    Good Job!! I'm having such a difficult time with this myself but Roger is doing well! He has lost 20 lbs in about 5 weeks or so!!

  4. Donette Says:

    I've been using livestrong since January. Keep up the good work! You'll find yourself obsessing about food for the first month or so, then as you start to see the calories in the foods you eat, you'll be able to judge better what you should eat and what you should stay away from.

    The snackies attack me vigorously around 3 pm. If I can make it past that time, then I'm home free!

  5. Que Says:

    I have been watching what I eat as well. But, it's not for me. No... I have a loftier goal. My Mii character on my Wii gains weight when I do. I have to lose weight or he will get fatter and sadder. Now, I don't know what's sadder... me doing that or me reading how silly all of that just sounded. Oh, well. At least my Mii is getting skinnier and that's all that matters! :)

  6. Que, my Mii character lives at my parent's house in Illinois. So here I am getting skinny while my Mii sits there fat as ever. Poor Mii.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Good for you, MIssy! :)

  8. lissa2019 Says:

    hahaha!!!!!! i love it ..if you want advice im here. I could recommend some books to read. To start off what i did was didnt buy anything i didnt know what the ingredients were and nothing with high fructose corn syrup. And kick the soda habit!!!!!!!!!! If so try

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