We're back home in Indiana, and you know what? It's starting to feel a little more homey. During our first Back-At-Home-Walmart-Run yesterday, we ran into three different people that we knew. That was happy!

The girls and I have picked up a bad cold, so we missed storytime at the library this morning. That was sad, but maybe Thursday we'll be able to go. That would be happy.

The new Ladies' Bible Study starts tomorrow night!!!! That's happy! I hope I'm not still sick enough that I have to miss it. That would be sad.

It's snowing again. That's happy. It has snowed every day, all day with little to no accumulation and boring gray skies ever since I can remember. That's sad.

I finished reading Isaiah during the Christmas holidays. That's happy! And God did a lot of talking to my heart. That's happy, too!

I started reading Jeremiah. Actually, I've only read the introduction page that comes before Jeremiah starts, and it really encouraged me to faithfully obey. It talked about how Jeremiah would not be considered a success by most standards (he spent most of his life being ignored and hated), but the fact that he faithfully obeyed God by communicating an unwelcome and unpopular message no matter what the results were or what it cost him personally means that God called him a success. That's happy.

Daddy just came home!!!! That's VERY happy!
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  1. Beth Says:

    Oh how very sweet..."Daddy's home!"
    I have been thinking about "successes" in the Bible and even in our forefathers in the faith. Many of them would NOT have been considered successful. But I'm so glad that God measures success with a different kind of measuring stick!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Aww, I'm glad the happies are winning! :) Loved this post :)

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