Liberty has had only ONE accident all day today!


Did you hear me?

Angels are singing. Oh wait, that may just be the Christmas song on the radio.

Either way, it's great with me!
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4 Responses
  1. Suanna Says:

    Way to go.

  2. Beth Says:

    Woohoo!!! Guess what??? NONE of MY kids have had an accident ALL day!! Hahaha!!! (Oh, my youngest is twelve....I forgot to mention that...)
    Kind of ruins the effect, doesn't it?
    Yay for you! That is soooo wonderful! Tell her what a good little sweetheart she is!
    Thanks for the advice via facebook. I have read it to Roger...I'm going to leave it up to him.
    Thanks so much for being so transparent with me. You are a dear!

  3. Que Says:

    That is cool. I'm glad she is down to one. Ours potty trained pretty quickly but now (at 4-years old) she is starting to go backwards. She doesn't want to go to the potty by herself anymore. So she holds it until she can't stand it anymore and then has to rush to the bathroom (with one of us there, of course). And she also used to sleep through the night. NOW, she wakes up around 3AM to go "pee-pee and potty one more time." And that is with no water after 7:30 and a potty break RIGHT before bed. So I feel we are taking 2 steps backwards. Oh, well.... what can ya do? :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yay! That's fantastic :)

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