Another important occurrence during my rain-induced blogging break was the sale of our home. Yes, I did just blandly throw that sentence out with no exclamation points or signs of excitement. How is that possible?

We're supposed to close September 23rd. Since it has not officially happened yet, I'm not allowing myself to rejoice yet. We have to pass a home inspection (which should not be a problem); we have to pass an appraisal (which I don't think is a problem, but with this strange economy, I'm not sure), and we have to find someone who will loan us enough money to cover our loss (amazingly, Jeremy's new company has offered to split the loss with us, so we only need to get a loan for half of our loss!)

Yes, we are thankful to be in the process of selling, but we were hoping to break even or only lose a little. According to our realtor, we have accepted an unbelievably great offer. I'm sure she knows what she is talking about.

I suppose what I'm struggling the most with is saying goodbye to our first home. I love that house. The wonderful kitchen, the lovely fireplace, the red walls. I know, I can paint the walls of our next home, but stop being so practical, okay. I'm trying to grieve here.

And WHY am I trying to grieve, anyway???? We were asking God to sell our house, and He did! Yay for God!

Except it's not official yet, so... small smile for God. ;-)
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  1. Donette Says:

    Hi Missy, so glad to hear of the sale of your home! I know what it is like, we prayed to move closer to our church, and God answered that prayer, but I still really miss our old house, and often drive past it when we are out that way.

    Also, I would love to make a quilt like Alli's doll quilt for you. I should be able to finish in that time, but it depends on me being able to find the fabric online. The materials cost around $70. If you are still interested, contact me at modernoutlookdesigns at gmail dot com and we'll talk more! The sooner the better since I'll probably have to order the fabric online.

  2. Beth Says:

    Oh I hope and pray that you will close! I know all about taking a loss on a home. I'm NOT good at real estate! Thanks for your comments on my little blog! Have a lovely day! Beth

  3. Miss Deb Says:

    I remember grieving over the loss of the wallpaper in my childhood home when we moved out. It was the ugliest bunch of wallpaper you'd ever seen...straight out of the 70's(Okay, it was the 80's when I lived there, but still...) It was MY ugly wallpaper.

    It's just brick and cement. Transitions are always hardn and I usually have myself a good cry whenever I move over the things I've left behind. But you're lucky: you, your beautiful girls, and your adoring husband will make so many special memories wherever you are that it'll make saying a fond farewell to those bricks hurt a lot less.

  4. Beth Says:

    I forgot to tell you where I got my recipe for zucchini brownies. If you go to my blog (I don't know how to add links or I would do that here...) and look at the blogs I follow. There is one that is called Coffee, Tea, Recipes and Me...(I think so, there are two by the same wonderful lady...make sure that you look for the recipe one...) and that is where I got the recipe. They are good...not quite like brownies as we know it, but more like a yummy cake. In her recipe, she sometimes says 1 1/2 to 2 cups, etc., I used the larger quantity and it was really good!
    I've also been adding my zucchini to spaghetti, other kinds of frozen veggies, just steamed and maybe put a tiny bit of cheese in it to add flavor (and get the kids to eat it). I also have made zucchini bread. But nothing is quite as good as those brownies! MMMMmmmm!!!
    Blessings! Beth

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