I feel so smug. The girls and I ran errands all morning, our first morning-full-o'-errands since arriving in Inni-inna. AND these errands were all accomplished before their expiration dates. Can you say WOO-HOOO? I may be getting the hang of this.

We stopped at the new doctor's office with signed transfer paperwork. (Yes, this would be paperwork that I mentioned needed doing in a post a few weeks ago, what of it?) We stopped at the bank to deposit a check (and BONUS - got our address changed and successfully said no repeatedly during a meeting with the bank's pushy sales rep [the noes were directed at the sales guy, not my daughters - DOUBLE BONUS!]) We stopped to balance along the tops of several concrete bumpers in every parking lot. We stopped for obedience lessons, and Liberty continually made some very good choices mixed with a couple bad choices, but overall -- GOOD! We stopped to learn the first line of the pledge of allegiance (every. single. time. we. saw. a. flag.) And let me tell you, this is a patriotic town! We stopped to pick up mid-week supplies at Walmart. Liberty learned the "No-Suching-Innyting" rule. (No Touching Anything -- It's a very important rule.) We stopped to buy Swiss Rolls because I couldn't help myself. They had them lined up at the entrance. Evil Walmart people.

We did not stop to pick up a potty training book with my new library card that arrived in the mail yesterday, but there's always tomorrow!
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  1. Beth Says:

    OHHHH....were you not aware? We "Hoosiers" are a VERY patriotic bunch...sorry...you'll find us all over the state!!! hehehehe!!!!!

    Wouldn't you just love the days of long ago when you opened a checking account and you weren't asked to sign up for everything under the sun? (savings, cd, home equity loan, car loan, overdraft protection, our "best" checking account...so much better than the "free" one, of course...yada yada yada.)
    I just quit working full time in a bank in December...the hours and the days off were GREAT but oh the pressure!!!
    I'm glad you made it out of there in one piece!

    I can't say the same thing about Walmart...mmm I do love those Swiss Rolls!! YOU CAVED!!!!

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