I planned to feed my children spaghetti for lunch today, but our apartment has a carpeted dining room. For the past several days, I have vacuumed after every meal and prayed like crazy whenever Mercy holds anything liquid. That strategy has worked fairly well for me. But my friend Sonja recently showed me this picture of my youngest, and it convinced me that Mercy + spaghetti would probably not mix well with the vacuum cleaner.

I thought about this problem, and decided that a three-dollar shower curtain to cover the floor would be the cheapest solution. So, I loaded the girls into the van and attempted to find a WalMart. Keep in mind that I have not yet seen a map of this town or seen more than three roads in the town. My adventure radar was beeping loud and clear, and I struggled to keep an ear-to-ear grin inside so that my neighbors would continue to think I'm normal for a little while longer.

I turned onto the road outside our complex and remembered the name from traveling on it before. It's a name full of possibilities, and I love it. Every time I read it, my mind travels back in time to see workmen laying bricks, creating a passage for horses and buggies in days of yore. I knew I could remember that name again. I came to a crossroads, and tried to remember where Jeremy had turned before. On the left, I saw a beautiful, weathered, rust-colored, wooden barn and it's matching, smaller shed. There is something about the color and the beaten-ness of it that fires my imagination. The sight agrees with my heart. I knew I could remember it, too. I took a chance and turned right. I passed a funeral home and a large, old cemetery.


I turned around.

I bought a thingy that attaches to your bicycle and carries two kids. This overjoyed me; I have been looking for one of these for over a year, and they are expensive! Even at yard sales. This one wasn't. Yay for me! Now, if I only had my bicycle here, we'd be all set...

I found WalMart without too much difficulty and bought a shower curtain for the dining room floor and a lamp for our lightless living room. Then we explored the giant store, and greeted every person nearby.

Because I am so brilliant, I decided to take a different way home. Jeremy had named to me a few days ago some of the streets that run parallel to each other, and I saw one right at the driveway exit. I believe there is a small version of my mother who lives inside of me and says, "Go for it! Why not?" My mother and I went for it.

I found several small businesses separated by fields and some cute houses dotted here and there. I found a greenhouse showing gorgeous growing things. If we ever move into a house, I will go back there. I love how spaced apart everything is. It feels relaxed and sprawling here.

Eventually, I came to a road sign with a name that I remember Jeremy telling me about. It reminds me of the song Seventy-Six Trombones from the movie Music Man. Now, what was it that he had said? Did he say to turn onto it or that it led somewhere else? I couldn't remember. I decided to turn onto it.
Amazingly enough, the road brought us back to that beautiful, weathered barn of my heart. We came at it from a different direction, and as I looked at the crossroads, I couldn't remember which way I had turned before. I drew straws and picked a direction. After about fifteen minutes of driving, I decided to turn around. I was WAY out in the country. (At least, I thought I was.) On the way back, I passed a sign that said "Welcome to Our Town." Yeah, I had been out in the country.

We made it home. I spread the shower curtain out and planted Mercy's chair in the center. I'm glad I did. She had to have a bath and a change of clothes afterwards. I took a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels to that sheet of plastic, and it looks good as new. I know the carpet would not have. I'm so proud of myself!

Now, me and my genius self are going to clean the kitchen and attempt to put together that new lamp.
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  1. Debbie F. Says:

    LOL...I wish I had your sense of adventure. Driving without knowing where I'm going terrifies me! Really...it does. I have no internal GPS system to guide me. Good thing I have an external one on my dashboard...

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