We finally made it to Inni-anna (but I listened closely while Liberty told me about our new state today, and it is actually Inni-inna) which is no small feat when it comes to our family.

OUR PLAN included:
1. Pick up the tiny U-Haul trailer and my van (which was being worked on) in our nearby town then pack them both on Wednesday night.
2. After the girls woke up, pack their beds on Thursday morning.
3. Eat breakfast out in order to minimize home cleanup.
4. Sleep at my parents' house in Illinois Thursday night.
5. Leave early Friday morning and arrive in Inni-inna by suppertime on Friday afternoon.
6. Unpack and use the weekend to relax and explore.
7. Jeremy had to be back at work on Monday morning.

REALITY looked like this:
1. U-Haul called to tell us that no tiny trailers (the only size that Jeremy's little truck is able to pull) were available nearby. We had to drive an hour and a half one way to pick it up on Wednesday afternoon.
2. The car place called to tell us that my van was not yet ready to be picked up. It would require another day's work.
3. Jeremy loaded the washer and dryer onto the trailer Wednesday night with the help of our neighbor (thanks, Denny!), and we quickly realized that the tiny trailer was tinier than we had counted on. The loveseat would not fit. The recliner would not fit. After we put all the boxes on, the one dining room chair that I wanted to take would not fit. We left a pile of odds and ends in the living room to be packed into the van.
4. We missed a call from the car place telling us that our van was ready to be picked up on Thursday morning.
5. We ate breakfast and lunch at home. The girls pretended they were tornadoes. They were very convincing.
6. We eventually realized the van was ready, and Jeremy went to pick it up. We packed and packed and packed that van. I had a few peek-holes through which I could view the traffic.
7. My sister Faith and I whipped the house into order very quickly after the vehicles were packed and lunch was finished.
8. We left the house around four pm, Thursday afternoon, and we arrived at my parents' late that night.
9. Jeremy had to be rushed to the doctor on Friday morning, and he was diagnosed with a hernia that prevents him from driving more than two hours per day.
10. Inni-inna is five hours from my parents' house.
11. We stayed until Sunday which was the only day that another driver was available. My dad drove Jeremy's truck with Jeremy in it. My mom drove my parent's van. I drove our van with the two girls in it.
12. We stopped forty-two times to find Mercy's pacifier and change diapers. (I've never been great at math.)

13. WE ARRIVED!!!!
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  1. Beth Says:

    Oh my goodness!! What a trip! So sorry that you had some trouble but glad that you didn't lose your sense of humor...you may have lost your mind but you are still joking. That's a very good sign...I think!
    Welcome to Inni ianni! It gets better!!!!!

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