The offering and counter-offering has gone back and forth all weekend, and we are supposed to give an answer today by five pm.

Jeremy came home late Saturday, and he stopped to pick up my sister Faith on his way here. He's running around town taking care of details, while Faith is babysitting the girls. Wednesday will be my last day of work because (sold house or not)...we are all moving to Indiana together!!! (All but Faith.)

Liberty was overjoyed to wake up from her Sunday nap and find that "Daddy is still home with me!"

She keeps asking, "We all be in Inni-anna together?" Then she goes around the room and touches everybody. "Mommy be in Inni-anna. Daddy be in Inni-anna. Me be in Inni-anna, and Meecee be in Inni-anna. Together! All happy!"
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  1. Debbie F. Says:

    Awww...sounds like she was nervous since Jeremy was gone so long. She just had to make sure everyone would be in Inni-anna! Lord-willing she'll adjust okay once you guys find a "new normal" routine after you move.

  2. Beth Says:

    That is soooo sweet. I will be happy for you all to be together again! Indiana is a pretty nice place to the weather is awesome! Hope your house sold!

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