I don't know what I'm going to call this post. Mainly, because I don't know what I'm about to write.

Jeremy came home for the fourth of July weekend, and it was WONDERFUL!

He left on Sunday just after morning church and before the beginning of the girls' nap times. He tucked them into bed and told them goodbye. Thankfully, when the girls woke up there were only a few questions about Daddy's whereabouts and no tears. However, at bedtime, Liberty's nightmares started up again. (Although, this could be attributed to the copious amounts of sugar she inhaled at the Independence Day parade and the lack of sleep that was necessary to watch fireworks until almost midnight.)

Today, our house is being shown, so we cannot go home until after seven this evening, and on Thursday evening and Saturday morning we are shooed out for the open house! I am very excited about these events and have plans in place.

Tonight, my friend Jackie invited us to her house for a barbecue/slip 'n slide party. Thursday, there is a fun night scheduled at the town square, and Saturday, well, I don't have plans for that, yet, but I'll find something fun to do.
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