It has been exactly two weeks since my last day of work outside my home, and I am LOVING hanging out with my kids. But when did Liberty grow up on me? She was a little girl just last week, I promise.

They both have the flu right now -- Liberty's been sick since Saturday(?) and Mercy started making floor art yesterday evening -- so admittedly they are not the happiest children at this point.

But seriously. Have you ever heard Mercy babble to you with that cute little smile on her face?


She took five steps by herself while she thought no one was watching, and the determination displayed on her quiet little face was amazing to see. When she thinks she's being watched she stops concentrating on her actions and instead watches your face. She gets excited to get to you, so she plops loudly onto her little bottom and races to your arms in crawling mode. Jeremy chased her around the apartment on his hands and knees and couldn't catch her. That girl is FAST.

She loudly proclaims, Ma. Ma. Ma. And watches me with glee on her face. Her little eyes crinkle up at the corners anticipating my smile. I've been noticing that she always responds with a certain few syllables when she is handed something, and it turns out that she has been saying Thank You for quite a while now!

Yes, I know none of this is amazing to you. Children everywhere learn to walk and talk, but this is my child. And it's amazing to me! I love it!

Liberty has become my friend. She entertains me with quite ambitious stories, and she helps out with anything that she thinks I might have missed, like the new zit on my chin. "You dot a owie, Mommy? I will tiss it." Yeah, thanks, but that's a little gross. She also tried to help me by picking it for me while we were reading a book. Then she told me, "Mommy, you owie is SO BIG!" Really, she didn't need to say it with such fervency.

Mercy, I'm sure, will be thankful for her two mommies at some point in her life. Every time she attempts something that Liberty deems too dangerous for her, she gets called out. "Meecee Dane, Mommy! No, Meecee Dane!" If Mercy gets into a predicament, Liberty is right there to help her out and give her a hug to stop the tears.

Today, the tables turned, Liberty tripped and fell to the carpet. Already not feeling well, this short fall proved too much for her control. She lay on the floor sobbing. Across the room, Mercy looked up at me. Then she crawled over to Liberty and placed her head gently on Liberty's in a comforting gesture. The sobs continued, so Mercy lay down flat on the floor and angled her neck in order to peer into Liberty's eyes. Her look clearly communicated concern. Once Liberty made eye contact, Mercy again scooted forward and gently rested her forehead on Liberty's hair.

The sobbing stopped, and Liberty's wounds miraculously healed.

Maybe I should have Mercy come rest her forehead on my chin.
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  1. Beth Says: precious your little ones are! Value them and cherish them with all your heart. MY baby boy is getting married this weekend...time flies when you're having fun. And fun is what raising those kids has been. Love them love them love them!!
    Have a great day! Welcome to Indiana!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh kids. The part about the zit reminds me of the time when I was laying down with my arms stretched above my head and a bit of armpit stubble was peeing out. Lauren points to it and says "what's THAT?" Or when she wants to know what those things in my purse are? Are they candy or snacks? (Tampons)

    Oh geez. You'll understand when you're older, kid.

  3. Debbie F. Says:

    "Liberty has become my friend." That's a beautiful thing to say!

    It's WONDERFUL to hear of the love between Mercy and Liberty! I can't wait to hear your stories of when they're grown up and having all night gab sessions about cute boys, hairstyles, and clothes. I'm sure YOU'RE not quite ready for that day, yet! Too busy enjoying them how they are right NOW. =)

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