The house is in complete order (if you don't count the plastic tub full of Jeremy's high school treasures that was too heavy for me to slide into a closet.) Our neighbor Chuck mowed the yard again and weed-whacked. The basement is gorgeous thanks to my friend Kari. We rearranged furniture and decorated. We stored and stacked bins. Everything is in place. I drained the pool and stored it in the garage for the day. I even set the dining table with two place settings and a vase of flowers. The virtual tour photographer should arrive at the house around noon, and the tour for all of the realtors should also take place sometime today.

Then when I go home with the girls, we can mess it all up!

We'll get the pool out of storage and splash and laugh. We'll cook supper and throw our food at the walls. We'll leave wet clothes all over the floor. We'll strew books and toys around the house and in general make a mess.

We'll giggle and tickle and roll around on the carpeting and finally collapse into bed taking with us the peace that only comes from knowing that pictures have been taken. Therefore recording forever the one day that EVERYTHING was in it's place.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    woo! everything in it's place. what an accomplishment. i'll say a prayer that your house gets sold in a timely manner!

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