I jerked awake a full forty-five minutes before my alarm sounded. A glance at the time emphatically informed me, It's going to be one of those days.

I groggily lifted my head from it's pillow and searched the room, wondering why my mind screamed at me, "WAKE UP! It's important! Hurry!" A few minutes of thorough introspection yielded no reason for this urgency, and I drifted back into dreamland.

My phone rang ten minutes ahead of my alarm. My arm dragged lazily towards the ringing object, my eyes remained closed. Bang. I heard the phone hit the floor. Oh man. I moved my body until I could see over the edge of the bed. My arm hit the ground heavily and attempted to grip the phone. Blood flow seeped into my lifeless hand causing stinging pricks up and down my fingers. By the time I could lift the phone to my ear, the caller had given up.

Yep, definitely one of those days.

When my alarm finally sounded, I groaned and dragged myself from the bed. It wasn't until I had finished several morning routines and stood in my closet choosing an outfit that I realized the cause for my earlier sense of urgency.
  1. An important potential client was meeting with us at work first thing in the morning which meant that I needed to arrive at work earlier than usual.
  2. The girls and I were meeting some friends at the pool in the afternoon which meant that I had extra preparations to complete before we could leave the house.
  3. My oil change appointment was for this morning which meant that I would need to leave the house even earlier than early in order to drop my vehicle off and be given a ride to work.
I looked at the little clock sitting in the bathroom. "Oh no!" I groaned aloud.
It IS one of those days.
For the benefit of the potential client, I chose a dressier than usual outfit. Then I rushed through dressing and hair-fixing. I searched in vain for our pool bag (which I think I remember packing into a box a few weeks ago) and finally stuffed the pool supplies into plastic bags. I ran through the house from dryer to counter-top rolling up towels and wadding up bathing suits as I ran. I shoved snacks into lunch bags, trying to pick out a well-balanced, baby-friendly, non-messy, meal that we could eat as a pool-side supper later. With all of that accomplished, I opened the girls' bedroom door to greet my daughters. "Good morning!" I chirped to them.

Liberty stared at me. She removed the thumb from her mouth long enough to say, "Huh-uh." Then she popped it back in and pulled her blanket over her head.

Oh. I told myself. It's going to be one of THOSE days.

I ignored her and lifted Mercy from her crib planning to come back for Liberty later. Mercy immediately grabbed my fancy necklace and yanked, giving me a taste of what was to come. My dangly earrings enticed her little hands, and I ducked and dodged through the diaper change and new outfit donning. Somewhere in there, I recognized the creak of Liberty's bed as she climbed down and the little sounds of exploration she created as she searched the kitchen for her breakfast. Knowing that all food was out of her reach, those sounds did not stir a feeling of alarm as it should have.

With Mercy now fully dressed, I put on my game face and went to find Liberty. The quietness of the house should have disturbed me, but it didn't. Therefore, I was unprepared when I finally came upon Liberty from behind. Her back looked innocent enough. Then she turned and revealed my favorite lipstick smeared around her mouth. The disfigured tube still clutched in her paw. "Yook, I pitty yike you, Mommy!"

What could I say? I already knew it would be one of those days.

I took her picture.

Then told her that she needed to ASK me before she touched my lipstick again. She really had done a remarkable job of keeping the makeup relatively close to the lines of her mouth. Part of me was proud of her (obviously above average) coordination; part of me wanted to laugh at the face displayed before me; the rest of me was becoming more and more late for work.

I scrubbed her mouth, fought her clothing onto her body, then strapped both girls into their car seats and grabbed a couple Tupperware containers to pour cereal into so that they could eat on the way into town. It wasn't until I had reached the highway that I realized I had not brought anything for them to drink.

I sighed. "Well, it's just one of those days."

Amazingly enough, we reached Sonja's house with a small amount of time leftover. If everything goes completely smoothly, I might be able to drop off the van at the shop and still get to work either right on time or only a couple minutes late! I consoled myself. I unbuckled Mercy and carried her over to Liberty's side of the van. I unbuckled Liberty and with my one free hand, reached to help her out of the van. "No!" she told me and ran to the very back seat. I stood at the door quickly considering my options and just at that moment, Mercy upchucked down the front of my dressed-to-impress outfit. Warm liquid oozed into my shoes and squished between my toes. I simply stared at the mess.

Now, why did it have to be one of THOSE days?

I finally arrived at work a little over ten minutes late. Now that I've had sufficient time to reflect, I have realized that I forgot to pack a spoon for my suppertime yogurt and diaper wipes for any messy diapers that occur at the pool. My mom called to say that a second house that my dad was scheduled to work on has caught fire so he is once again without a job, and Jeremy called with the news that we still are not signed up for health insurance and he needs to see a doctor. The realtor brought me yet another paper to sign and informed me that so far there has been no expressed interest in our home and we probably need to host an open house but that those do not usually generate buyers. She is not feeling optimistic.

You know what?

God says He will "satisfy us in the morning with [His] unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days." (Psalm 90:14)

I'm so glad it's one of those days! :-)

PS> You can read about the hilarious conclusion to this day here.
3 Responses
  1. DeAnn Says:

    You sound like you had an Alexander day! I love that book! :)
    I hope that things go smoother and I'm glad you remembered that God is there with you even during a bad day!
    Hope the rest of the day goes better!

  2. Debbie F. Says:

    How I wish I lived thisclose to you so that I could do something to help you out!

  3. Annie Says:

    Is it wrong of me to laugh? Because I did.
    Someone else's Alexander day is funny. Your own, of course, is not...
    hugs from new hampshire

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