A few mornings ago, while I happily forced my way through the muggy air towards work, I noticed an extension cord draped out of an open window. I followed the cord most of the way down the block. It connected to another cord, which in turn connected to a power sander being used on one of the walkway railings. The operator of said sander had positioned himself out of sight around the corner and was busily working away at the railing. The plug to said sander just happened to connect to the extension cord right at my eye level.

A thought POPPED into my brain. Unplug the cord and hide!

My footsteps faltered. A grin spread over my face. I looked around. There were no witnesses. I pictured the two of us - myself and the sander guy - laughing together at the practical joke.

Then I pictured the two of us marching across the street to the police station, his hand firmly gripping my elbow.

I forced myself to move on without molesting the cords.

A few more steps put me on a direct path with an oncoming pedestrian who - I totally promise you - looked EXACTLY like the cartoon character Maxine, the old lady with the bad attitude. She had to have been the inspiration.

"Morning, Maxine!" I called out cheerfully to her in my head.

She nodded back and smiled, "Good morning! Beautiful day, isn't it?"

Rats, maybe she wasn't the inspiration after all.
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  1. Beth Says:

    Oh, my goodness...you're hilarious! I've wanted to do those kind of practical joke things soooo many times. I didn't know anyone else did, though!!

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