Jeremy left for Indiana yesterday morning, and I spent my first night alone with the girls. It was a strange feeling.

My family has also been living with us for the past week. Dad just about single-handedly put the house in selling condition: painting, staining, minor repairs. His skill and energy level amaze me! My sister Faith took care of Liberty and Mercy while Jeremy and I ran errands, met with realtors, conducted conference calls with the relocators (a new word) and focused on projects. She even cleaned and did laundry for us a few times! My brother Pete cooked for us every night and did the dishes. My brother Zach kept us all entertained, especially Liberty. But they all left when Jeremy did, and the house is suddenly empty and quiet.

My brain is making lists, and life will probably run relatively smoothly after I get my routine organized again. Since January, Jeremy has been running the household and keeping the girls’ on track. Now, those tasks are my responsibility again. “I’ve done this before,” I keep telling myself. “Remember? When Jeremy was on night shift? It is possible to do.”

Last night, after the girls went to bed, I stood in the kitchen and stared around me. Jeremy always took the garbage out for me. Now, I need to remember to do that. Jeremy always filled up my gas tank before I hit empty. Now, I need to remember to do that. Jeremy always locked the house up at nighttime. Now, I need to remember to do that.

The edges of panic seeped into my heart. What if I forget something important that he used to do? What is the worst that could happen, and how can I plan for that?

Peace! God jumped into my consciousness. I am still here. You are not alone.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what a blessing to have your family there to help!

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