Kimmie is graduating in 33 school days! The preparations are in high gear! She put a deposit on an apartment today. We obtained a couch for her apartment yesterday. It is sitting in her bedroom at home right now, and she ignored her bed to sleep on that couch last night. I smiled when I saw that. It reminded me of my graduation days.

How do you say goodbye? How do you let an adult by legality who is still a child in reality go out on her own? How do you let her succeed or fail without a safety net?

Oh, my Kimmie!

I am so excited and happy and scared for you, yet I have to contain my fears so that they do not hinder you.

She's a full-grown woman. She reminded me again last night, "I can make my own decisions!" And she's right. She can. She even makes pretty good decisions most of the time. And I'm proud of her.

But what if she chooses something wrong? What if she gets deceived by a bad situation? What if...?

But this is not right! I have to let her go. I must rely on God to care for her. After all, He's done an awesome job of caring for me through good and bad choices on my part.

And I'll only be a fifteen minute drive away...why does that seem so far?
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  1. Donette Says:

    Oh Missy, I once had a friend who was sending her oldest to college tell me that it is no different than if I sent my 5 year old away. Seriously, it makes my heart hurt just to think about it. What changes your family is going through! But change can be a good thing and can remind us that Christ is truly all we need in this life. You will be in my prayers!

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