My mom had thousands of Tupperware dishes when I was a kid, and I used to enjoy putting the lids on just right, and then "burping" them to get the extra air out of the bowl. Burping was a term used in our house, I don't know if that's the official terminology for what we did: securely seal the lid, then lift just one tiny corner of the lid off of the bowl's rim while gently pushing down on the center of the lid to force more of the trapped air out of the bowl, then tightly re-sealing the lid so that nothing could leak out.

I catch myself "burping" my own plastic containers still. Habit? Maybe. But I enjoy the feeling that everything is secure. Everything is sealed and in it's place.

Now that Jeremy has lost his job, I seem to be stuffing many things into my personal Tupperware bowl: sins like doubt, insecurity, fear, worry; annoyances like days that are no longer running according to my pre-set schedule; inconveniences like not buying salad dressing or paper towels or some personal care items that I have gotten used to. I stuff all of those things into my big Tupperware container, and I seal the lid so that they are out of the way, packed only into the back corner of my mind. I don't see them;I don't smell them; I don't acknowledge them.

But the lid on that container is starting to bulge. Maybe those items are rotting and the air in the container is expanding?

This blog post is a tiny burp. I've lifted the lid just a bit, and some of the smell is leaking out. I haven't lifted it to clean the bowl out, though. I'm only letting the extra air out so that the lid will reseal snugly, and I will be able to store the container in the back for a while again.

Truthfully? I know this is not the right way to deal with this. But I don't feel prepared to do anything else, yet. Maybe if life would slow down. Maybe if I had some time alone. Maybe...

Those are just excuses, and I know it. What is the issue here? Fully rely on God. My head knows that. I think I'm doing that. Then why is this container sitting here?
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  1. Suanna Says:

    Missy, God has given us direction on how we should live our lives in Philippians. This morning He pressed the words in chapter 1 verses 9-11 on my heart and I have been pondering them all day. Love - in context Love for God is what makes life the best. Are you loving God and trusting Him for his providence in your life. I need to do this more.

  2. DeAnn Says:

    I hear you, Missy. It's scary to face life without a safety net. I've been there. Colin lost two jobs in our first year of marriage. The first time was just a little over a month into our marriage. It was terrifying to me! We moved in with his parents. We stayed there for 3 years. Talk about getting acquainted!
    Being on the other side now, I see God's hand. He was leading Colin to a better place. Both jobs that he lost weren't ones where he got to use his noggin and there was misunderstanding thanks to his hearing. But his job now uses his mind. He's happy to be working with numbers and problem solving. He's advanced incredibly in the 7 and a half years he's had this job. But it took God basically kicking him out of those other jobs to get him to this place where he is now. On his own, he probably would have stayed much longer in a job ill-suited to him just because it was steady pay.
    I'll be praying that God will do the same for Jeremy. Place him where he can grow and advance and will be a better place in general than where he was before. :)

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