I was sitting at home. Alone. In the quiet. The girls were in bed. Jeremy had gone to pick Kimmie up from work. I looked at Jeremy's (our) new laptop, and I thought to myself: "This is a momentous occasion. I need to blog about it." But I could not think of anything to blog about.

But seriously, can you believe it? I HAVE INTERNET AT HOME! How amazing is that?

And the house is quiet.

One or the other could be possible, but not both at one time.

You cannot know my joy until you have walked Internet-less in my very loud house's shoes.


Moving on.

Jeremy's job search demanded that we use some of our carefully hoarded cash on a laptop...we're hoping the expense pays off before we starve to death! Ha-ha. Okay, that wasn't so funny.

Actually, going through this patch of limited income has given me an all new appreciation for Jeremy's previous savings wisdom. After things get better for us, I promise not to complain when he says, "We can't afford that," even when I know we can afford it. Because that statement most likely means that he has put the extra money into savings for times like this.

Or that he plans to buy a new season of Walker, Texas Ranger with that money.

I might still complain, but he'll be getting more kissin' on by me. Well, I don't know that he'll be able to stand more kissing, since I've set that bar pretty high. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I've got a wise husband, and I'm thankful for him. He's an awesome provider, and a great security-enhancer. I wonder if I just made that word up.

But I'd better not let him read this post. He might get a big head. And if he didn't, he'd be sure to remind me that I wrote this. At a time when it would be most inconvenient for me to remember it.

Can you tell that I have no point to this post? I'm rambling, but I'm enjoying my ramble. You don't have to continue reading. This is just me, rambling to myself and having tons of fun ON MY INTERNET CAPABLE COMPUTER AT HOME.

I was putting laundry away earlier, and Liberty - who is drop-dead adorable - kept trying to climb up me. Yes, I said climb up me. It can be painful. But it happens to be one of her favorite things to do. I finally locked myself into my closet so that I could have some peace while I hung my clothes up. Thankfully, Jeremy realized that I needed some alone time (I wonder what gave him that idea), and he distracted Liberty from her Must-Remove-The-Closet-Door goal by prickling her. Prickling is his patented word. He tickles her with the scruffy prickles of his unshaven evening chin. It's called Prickling. From inside the closet I hung up the clothes and then just enjoyed the alone-ness of it all and listened to the laughter and squeals coming from the outside that prickling always produces. Then I got a brilliant idea: I emerged from the closet and recorded the prickling on video!

Now, that really is a momentous occasion.
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  1. NO WAY!!!!!!!! you finly have internet WOOOOOOHOOOO!!! lol

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