Several weeks ago I was conversing on the phone and wanted to tell my phone buddy a story, but little ears were playing nearby, and I did not want those ears to understand my words. So I said into the phone, "This story will be in code. Are you ready?"

My listener eagerly agreed.

"Once upon a time, the man of the house went into a small room designated for sanitary purposes. He prepared to urinate, but unbeknownst to him, a youngling had followed him into the small room designated for sanitary purposes.

The lady of the house remained in the food preparing room, unsuspecting that a youngling was about to witness something never previously witnessed by this particular youngling.

A short, manly yelp echoed in the house, followed by the urgent order, 'Go find Mommy!'

The youngling ran into the food preparing room, blond curls bouncing and a puzzled look on her face. She ran straight to the lady of the house and immediately began feeling her tummy. There was urgency and puzzlement in her movements and on her face. She then attempted to lift the lady's upper covering to peer underneath. When this attempt was foiled, she lifted her own upper covering and began feeling her own tummy.

The lady of the house thought this behavior strange and began fitting puzzle pieces together in her mind. Suddenly, it dawned on her what must have happened. The youngling must have been in the small room designated for sanitary purposes when she saw an object protruding from the man of the house where no object had ever protruded before, and she must have assumed the object was protruding from the tummy of the man of the house. She then wanted to find out if that same object protruded from the lady's tummy and her own. The lady of the house began to laugh. She laughed so heartily that her tummy danced vigorously.

This action, of course, re-aroused the curiosity of the youngling and confirmed for her that there was indeed something hidden beneath the upper covering that still needed to be discovered. She returned to the lady of the house and began frantically searching for the hidden object. The lady vainly tried to ward off the tiny, knowledge-seeking hands.

At this point, the man of the house returned from his journey to the small room designated for sanitary purposes, and he indignantly stated that all younglings must be kept out of inappropriate places forever and forever until time ended. Amen.

The lady of the house continued to laugh unreservedly, and these laughs became great choking gulps and wheezes of hilarity when the youngling rushed the man and began feeling his tummy with determination.

The man ran."

The End
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