Jeremy is still in the process of interviewing.



Not so much fun.

But being completely honest here? I needed this process to drag out. I've had the wrong attitude about the whole thing. I've been trusting in a new job rather than in God to take care of us. So God and I have been wrestling for several weeks now about where I plan to place my trust.

God (and I) finally won!

I'm not going to lie to you. I still have small skirmishes from moment to moment. But God has reminded me (over and over and over and over...) that He only does what is best. He's proved it my whole life long, and He says it in His Word. I know He doesn't lie. So even if I can't see that what He has done is best, I can relax, knowing that it really is. That's a peaceful feeling!

Having said all that, I also needed to realize that this struggle is not really about me getting a peaceful feeling. It is about the eternal fight going on between Satan and God. Satan wants so badly to hurt God that he will use any means necessary. He knows how much God loves me (isn't that awesome?) so he knows that if I start doubting God's love for me, or His ability to take care of me it will hurt God.

I refuse (with God's help) to be a tool used by Satan to hurt my Lord. I LOVE my Lord!

Therefore, the outcome of this LOOOOOONG interviewing process is irrelevant. To quote one of my favorite movies (Facing the Giants) "If we win, we praise Him, and if we lose, we praise Him." Because He's awesome and worthy to be praised!

Yay for my God!

(But you can still pray for us to get the job! :-)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hehe wow miss i now how you feel iv got this friend named donovin who comes off and on to church and than a copule of weeks ago he posted stuff on myspace saying that he is done with church an with GOD and every ting so i prayed to GOD tat he didnt mean it and i thiought that i need to do some thing so i prayed to GOD asking what i should do and so i just emaild him and tryd to understand what hes going threw and that it was wrong what he was doing and so i just sed alright GOD i guess what ever happins than that must be what you want so ya i just emaild him and prayed for weeks that he would come back to church and then last monday in his email it was amazing he just sed he was realy sorry and he duznt want to live like that any more and that hes been praying and GOD prooved himself to him that week and he sed he was going to come to church wednesday and t was just so amzing i dint know what to do i was just thanking GOD like crazy you know it was amzing probly the best feeling iv ever had so ya that of help me get closer to god (yr bro zach if you havnt figrd it out alredy)

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