What's that sound?

Oh, it's my blog. Being verwy, verwy quiet (and it's not even wabbit season). At least, I assume it's not. I don't know when rabbit season is.

We've had a lot of major waiting going on at our house, and that is all I've been focused on. So, I've been waiting to write, too. And then last night, it happened.

"Lafayette, Ah've got a feelin' this case is gonna bust waaad open."

"Oh, me too, Napoleon, me too."

(Who can name that movie?)

Jeremy and I are making some big decisions, and I would really like you all to pray that we use the wisdom that God has given us. You could also pray for a few small miracles, if you're so inclined. :-)

And after this, I hope that you'll be hearing more from me. And more frequently, too.

So you won't have to say, "It's a lil' ol' cricket-bug!"
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3 Responses
  1. Tiffany Anne Says:

    praying for you, missy!

  2. Suanna Says:

    I'll pray for ya'll.

  3. oh deer sister of mine yr so silly well first i would like to say ya im the first one to comment wich means im the first one to answer yr silly question pleas give me a sliter chaling next time that movie would in fact beeeeeeeeeeee aristocats haha and you should of guessed tat would come from me and second YAAAA you finly updated yr blogy WO HO!!!!

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