Should I write about this? I'm afraid I'll jinx it.

Jeremy has a job interview tomorrow in a small town two and a half hours from here.
It is an engineering job - he would finally be able to do what he went to college for.
It is day shift - we would finally get to see each other during the week, not just on weekends.
It would be a pay raise - I might finally be able to stay home with our kids.

An ice storm is predicted for tomorrow, so Jeremy is planning to stay overnight at a hotel. He is REALLY nervous about the interview.

His current employer has announced the possibility of lay-offs and hours cut to 28 per week until next October. So even if Jeremy doesn't get this job, we will have to find another position somewhere. God may be riding to our rescue right now.

If Jeremy gets the job, he will move immediately, and the girls and I will stay here until Kimmie graduates in May. We will probably be able to see each other on several weekends. Hopefully, the distance won't feel too horrible. But just knowing that we will someday get to live together all the time and see each other EVERY DAY!!!! Wow!

I am actually trying very hard NOT to think about all of this, because I don't want to be so terribly disappointed if we don't get the job. I know, NO MATTER WHAT, that God will give us what is BEST for us, even if it is not what I thought was best for us. So, I'm really trying hard to just trust God no matter what the outcome is. But I have been asking Him to let us have this, please.

If you want to pray for us, you can ask God for Jeremy's interview to go well tomorrow, for him to be safe, for them to love him and give him the job, and for us all to TRUST and be CONTENT.

And, if he gets the job, you can pray for us not to get big heads and forget about our constant need for God's provision.
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  1. Donette Says:

    How exciting! I will definately pray for you and Jeremy. I love your last paragraph. So many people would only ask us to pray that they would get the job - and not remember that we are always dependant on God's provision, no matter how great a job we have.
    But I do hope he gets it! :)

  2. Rachel Says:

    I will pray.

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