Have you ever watched the movie Sarah Plain and Tall? There's a part where Caleb, the little boy, requests a harmonica so that he will always have some music in his pocket. My sister-in-law, Melissa, gave me an early Christmas gift yesterday. She sent Kimmie a box with six harmonicas in it. When Kimmie opened the box and realized what was inside, we first laughed in puzzlement. Why did we need six harmonicas?

But later that evening, I listened as Kimmie made some really beautiful music with hers. Liberty tried to copy, but couldn't quite get the hang of how to blow into it. Instead, Liberty held it up to her lips and made harsh humming sounds with her mouth. The two of them walked around the house together, one playing and the other pretending to play their harmonicas. It made me laugh.

Even later, Kimmie stood at the kitchen sink washing the supper dishes. One hand wiped at the dish while the other held the harmonica to her mouth and continued her happy sounds. I was trying to read a story to Liberty, and at first I opened my mouth to ask Kimmie to stop playing for a while. Then my heart listened. How happy she looked. Content. As she worked on a mundane assigned chore. My heart swelled with happiness while I watched her peaceful countenance.

"Wead." Liberty interrupted me.

I shook my head. "No, HoneyBunny, I want to hear Kimmie's song. I'll read in a minute."

The joyful song did not seem to have an ending, so I eventually read through it. But all the while, I was thanking Melissa for the wonderful present she had sent me.

I've tucked this memory away in a pocket of my heart, and now I will always have some Kimmie music in my pocket.
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  1. Cora Says:

    That is so wonderful! What a terrific Christmas memory!

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