Dad's stitches were supposed to come out on Tuesday, October 28th, but his fingers were too bloody for the stitches to be found. While the doctor dug, Dad began to go into shock from the pain, so everything has been called off until Wednesday, November 12th.

Also, the doctor had told Dad not to return to any type of work until his stitches are out. My dad is not a lounger. He tried to finish his home project of remodeling the front porch, and he hurt his fingers again slightly. Then he began "directing" Mom as she home-schooled, but now he has taken over home-schooling completely. Mom is thrilled because now she gets to sleep in a little, and Dad is happy because he feels useful.

A win-win situation.

In other news, my sister and I will be wearing yellow on Saturday because it is supposed to rain. (Well, in Ohio,where she lives, it might rain. In Iowa, where I live, it's supposed to snow.) Together, we will represent the sunshine. I'm here to represent, yo!

Although, really, YAY FOR SNOW!
(Remind me in February that I said this.)
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  1. Cora Says:

    Which brother is in the picture? Glad to hear Mike's improving. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ok first of all i have to say you realy crazy but yr my crazy sister so i have to love you lol and second i have to say wow i looked like was realy in to that book lol but then again dad made it realy interesting with the vioces and stuff lol so can you realy blame me :) oh and last but not least you have the best blog ever.oh by the way if you wher wandering this is zach lol

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