Liberty is now an interior designer. She has discovered the joy of creativity, and she has some definite opinions on how her bedroom should be decorated. On more than one occasion, she has displayed her fondness for the color brown and her desire for her bedroom to be covered in brown.

Fortunately for her, the color brown is easily and unsupervisingly (probably not a word) accessible during nap times or night times. A few grunts, a removal of protective clothing and voila! New brown paint for her walls and her sheets and her windows and her previously clean clothing folded and sitting neatly on her shelves. She's lucky that she's so resourceful and creative. Otherwise, what would she find to keep herself occupied while she should be SLEEPING!
3 Responses
  1. liz rice/nelson Says:

    We have to ductape our daughter, kelly, into her diaper or else there is brown every where on her crib.

  2. DeAnn Says:

    Thankfully, we did not have that problem! Ian has always been fond of blue, a color which he cannot produce in his body!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oh ewww! ewww! i have had my fair share of fecal-related experiences in this job, but i'm thankful that none of the kids have ever actually played with it!

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