Inspired by Donette, here is my list for today:

1. I'm wondering . . . what the prices are going to be for Kimmie's Senior pictures. She's really a Senior this year!!!

2. I'm reading . . . A Brother Beloved by somebody whose last name starts with an A. It's an old book that I found at my church library, and so far, fairly interesting. I'm wondering when the plot will twist, and if it will twist.

3. I'm feeling . . . content about everything.

4. I'm happy . . . that Jeremy and I have a plan in place to pay off some bills by February!!!

5. I'm thinking . . . about twirling around in the sunshine outside.

6. I'm hoping . . . that my leftover, leftover spaghetti that I brought for lunch yesterday and today will magically turn into a sub from Jersey Mike's (which we do not have in this state).

7. I'm dreaming . . . of beautiful white Victorian houses with wraparound porches containing flowers and wicker furniture and porch swings. Of lush green grass dotted with large old trees. Of peaceful tranquility and happy summer days.

8. I'm going . . . to eat my lunch as soon as I finish typing.

9. I'm wishing . . . my bike seat were fixed.

10. I'm enjoying . . . the perfect azure sky as viewed through my office window.

11. I'm planning . . . to be out there soon.

12. I'm laughing . . . at Jeremy's last email to me concerning his Mountain Dew addiction.

13. I'm loving . . . Jeremy.

14. I'm thankful for . . . all of my girls, and I'm really enjoying my newest one.

15. I'm clinging . . . to an idea revealed in Psalm 31. The entire chapter shows anguish and calamity, but in the center of it all, the author writes, "I will be glad and rejoice in Your love," Ps 31:7. So, I too, will be glad and rejoice in God's love, through everything! Yay for me!
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