We had an awesome storm this morning. So loud, it woke me up early, and that takes some doing! I lay in bed listening to the thunder crashing and watching the flashes of lightning through the curtains. The pouring rain BEAT down hard on our roof and windows. Then I heard small hail stones pinging against our house. I kept listening on the baby monitor for Liberty to stir, but she slept soundly through it all. I'm amazed by that, since the thunder cracked so loudly directly overhead.

When we opened the garage door, a nearby screen slammed into my van. Kimmie propped the screen up behind my bicycle so that it wouldn't blow again, and then I heard a strange sound. I looked around to identify what had caused it, but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. Kimmie pointed to our attic door. The little door is a square cut into the ceiling of our garage. The wind must have swept in so strongly that the door blew upwards into the attic, screeching in protest as it traveled.

I wonder how Jeremy's going to fix that.

I struggled to keep my van in the correct lane on the way to town, but I enjoyed the large circles created on my windshield as the heavy drops plopped down. The sound of rain makes me so happy, and thunder and lightning strike awe into my heart. As I drove, I remembered a storm that occurred while I was in college. I was sitting in church on a Sunday night when suddenly the incredible sound of POURING rain began beating on the roof of the church. The sound was so loud, the pastor could not be heard. I remember listening to the fury of the storm raging outside and marveling at the feeling of security and happiness inside, and I thought to myself, This is the reality of trusting God to care for everything. When I truly let God be in control of my life, I do not have to fear any circumstances that arise. Good or bad, I know that those circumstances are under God's almighty hands.

I heard that same beating sound this morning on the roof of my car and immediately felt the same peace and happiness inside my heart as I remembered God's sovereignty.

I'm so glad! :-)
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