Our friends were told yesterday to evacuate their house due to flooding, so our church has a group there all day today moving all of their things into various storage places around town. Many families have volunteered spots where our friends can keep their things for the next three months. I'm so thankful to belong to a church like this where people immediately drop their own plans to get involved in the lives of each other.

I tried to imagine three months of living in various homes that weren't my own. That could provide lots of partying fun! And lots of stress. I'm hoping to help them make it fun!

Our next door neighbors dragged their brand new basement carpeting out into the backyard a couple days ago to help it dry out. Ironically, that carpeting has now been rained on many, many times and is even wetter now than it was when they brought it out to dry. Kelly said, "Oh well, it's not coming back in until it's dry."

Yeah, that's going to be out there a while.

Our sump-pump has been running non-stop, and I toured the perimeter of our home yesterday afternoon. We have about eight inches of standing water up against our foundation. I wonder how long our dry basement will last?

Road closures all over town are forcing businesses to close, and I'm waiting for our little creek to overflow. We only have one road to get to and from our house. I hope I'm home (with plenty of food and the entire family) when the creek crosses the road. Woo-hoo! Bring on the party!
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  1. haha after reading that last part is is defintly safe to say you are a korando ther is no mistaking that lol

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