A big girl bed. This should be a milestone of some sort, but so far, it has only been a source of sleeplessness for momma. How many times can one child fall out of bed in the night? How many cries of panic can one child let loose in her sleep causing mom to leap from her own bed in panic?

On Saturday, May 10th, Daddy got out his drill and his wrench. He dragged pieces of a metal bed frame from my van, and we commenced work. Liberty was thrilled with the new jungle gym in her room. She climbed from metal bar to metal bar in delight. She willingly "helped" Daddy by handing him his wrench when he asked for it, and she gruntingly attempted several times to hand him his drill. But alas, it proved too heavy. Mommy helped her carry it to Daddy. She finally found a special perch in the corner of the bed frame and clapped her hands gleefully as she watched the jungle gym take shape.

When it was time, Kimmie and Jeremy lugged the mattress and box spring into the room and carefully placed them on the frame. Then Daddy ran joyfully from the room calling, "Just a minute! I'll be right back." He returned, a blue Star Wars sheet flapping along behind him. He had been saving this sheet for years. He triumphantly wrestled it onto the mattress and then lifted his daughter into her new bed. She squealed and began jumping up and down. Then she discovered the characters on the sheet. She dropped to her tummy and loudly pointed out C3PO, her favorite Star Wars personality.

Daddy was proud. He and Liberty beamed at each other in complete satisfaction.

The satisfaction lasted until it was naptime. Then the torture began. Liberty looked at us in disbelief. You mean, you expect me to stay on this trampoline? There are no bars. I need my freedom!

Two weeks later, she has become proficient at staying in her bed...and quite frankly, I'm surprised (and thrilled). But several times in the middle of the night, I will rush into her room after hearing panicked crying to find her stuck under her bed. In her sleepy state, she cannot figure out how she got there or how to find the way out. Kimmie came up with a great solution the other day. She stuffed cushions all along the outline of the bed, so that Liberty cannot accidentally roll underneath in her sleep.

This morning, I found one cushion pulled away from the bed, and Liberty's feet sticking out of the hole. She was asleep under the bed once again.
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  1. DeAnn Says:

    Do you have side rails for her bed? That's what we had for Ian. We pushed his bed into a corner so he wouldn't fall out on that side and then we had a side rail from Safety First that tucked between the mattress and the box springs. Ian never fell out of bed with the rails. Now climbing out to see what Mommy and Daddy were doing, that's another story! I think we got the side rail at Goodwill, although it might have been a yard sale. They work great! No more sleeping with the dust bunnies!

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