Imagining lush, velvety, green grass in my front yard makes me sigh happily and smile at the rain drops falling, falling, falling from the sky.

I want to explore the world outside of the office for lunch even though I brought a lunch from home, but Jeremy's truck wouldn't start (due to the rain) so he has my van today...and I wore sandals because this morning, I couldn't stand the thought of imprisoning my feet in enclosed shoes. Now, I think of the warmth and comfort of said enclosed shoes, and I recant my earlier position.


Do I or don't I venture out into the cold, wet world in search of lunch?

My growling tummy will determine the answer.
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  1. Don't do it! I'm a little late, So, did ya?

  2. DeAnn Says:

    It's been "wet" for a long time now! Your blog friends are suffering from a drought at your blog despite the title of your last post. We need new material to make us laugh or cry or go hmmmm. Anything! Please!

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