This morning, I drove happily into town enjoying the pleasant morning sunshine and be-bopping to the songs on the radio. Liberty pulled her right tennis shoe off once again and proceeded to alternately suck on her toes and grin at me in the rear view mirror. Kimmie stared sulkily out the window, thinking brooding teenage thoughts.

The weather report came on, and I nodded in joyful agreement as the 55 degree prediction sounded for today.

Then the sky darkened, and the earth began to quake. WHAT WAS THAT I HEARD???? SNOW PREDICTED FOR THE WEEKEND?!

I don't believe it.

I won't believe it.


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2 Responses
  1. I'm sorry---so, so, so, sorry. I would have probably had a wreck. You handled it well, I think.

  2. Debbie F. Says:

    We had a high in the 70's yesterday...Ha! =)

    Ahhh...brooding teenage thoughts. I remember them well...

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