All posting has been postponed due to the intense drug-induced fog befuddling my brain which is preventing normal thoughts and accurate spelling.

On a happier note, drugs have a fun affect on the dreaming portion of my brain.

My husband reported that over the weekend I talked quite a bit in my sleep. I have been teasing him for quite some time about the fact that one night he yelled out, "Washo! Save me!" after watching a marathon of Walker Texas Ranger. (Washo is Walker's Indian nickname.)

Jeremy is now paying me back by teasing me about the petty cash that I am apparently guarding to keep my brother from using it for drug money. (I read a book just before succumbing to this cold.)
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  1. I hope you feel better soon. Keep a notepad by your sickbed, so we can hear about all those wacko dreams. Makes excellent fodder for the blog!

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