I am now 15 pounds lighter than I was yesterday at this time due to the multiple exercises performed while on my sugar high, and we know the sex of our baby!

Here she is:

Don't let her innocent resting pose fool you, she did not sit still for long!

She quickly chose to perform some gymnastics for us, and the ultrasound technician took this shot of her somersaulting. She's using her feet to push off the bottom (left), and her back and head are above (right). Her head is very hard to see at this angle.

See her little fist? We've already got a rebel on our hands!

She kindly pointed towards my bladder, giving me about a 5 second advanced warning that she was about to head-butt it.

She waved at us.

Waving again.

The one picture that I wish we had been able to get happened while the technician was focusing on the heart and kidneys. The screen showed only a close up of the baby's heart, and I suddenly felt a very strange feeling that I'm not sure I can describe to you. It is a feeling that I have felt several times in the last two weeks, and I've always wondered what that child could possibly be doing to create that sensation. It felt like the inside of me had suddenly gone hard everywhere, and I needed to grunt. "Wait!" I said quickly to Nancy, our technician. "Zoom out! I want to see what she is doing right now."

Nancy didn't even question, but immediately changed the camera angle so that we could see the baby's body. She was curled innocently into the fetal position, and the feeling had passed, but as we watched, she suddenly stretched both of her arms and both of her legs out to their longest capacity. Her arms lifted straight over her head, her legs pointed straight out as though she were standing, and that not-painful-but-definitely-not-pleasant feeling returned.

"What in the world?" I questioned. She looked like an Olympic high-diver poised to leap from the diving board.

Yet another reason why Missy should not drink sugar!
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  1. Debbie F. Says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Oh wow...What a miracle...

    Looks like you have another Mary Lou Retton on your hands!

  2. AMAZING--I get that FEELING every time I see ultrasound pics. Just the miracle of it all. Congrats. Thanks for sharing them, I needed to feel that again, you know just not personally, as in laying on the table with the gel and the belly . . .

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